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Hello Decathletes Are you ready to play at the Midyears Decathlon Olympics?

Program for Midyear 2024 The Decathlon Olympics Date: 12 en 13 june

  • 11:30u Arrival of Olympic Decathletes at Stroombroek Parking Area (Leisure Lands). After parking start walking to Markant Outdoor Centre by following the Midyear Decathlon route.Scan the QR code to read the program and details of the events for the Decathlon Olympic Games. All participants gather at the flag of the country to which you belong!Each team uses only one phone number for general communication and for earning extra points in the Decathlon Olympic Games whatsapp group.One team member reports to the competition (administration) table during lunch with a phone. At the table scan the QR code for the Olympic WhatsApp group and register with your team number and country. For example: 20. Greece. Also report here on which Olympic game the Joker will be used in the games. See explanation further on this page
  • 12:00u Lunch at Markant Outdoor Centre with Food Trucks and register for the Olympic Whatsapp  group at the competition (administration) table.
  • 13:00u Opening of the Midyear 2024 Decathlon. Everyone gathers at the Decathlon House. Speakers  Decathlon.
  • 13:30u Opening Midyear 2024 The Olympic Decathlon Games. With the lighting the Olympic flame on the water at Markant Outdoor Centre.
  • 13:45u To the Decathlon Olympics, the game is about to begin
  • 14:00u Start of the games. Everyone gathers at your first Olympic game event. Pay close attention to the play schedule in this program booklet.
  • 17:15u End of the Olympic Games
  • 17:30u Freshen up and change clothes
  • 17:30u Award Ceremony for the Olympic Games during the BBQ at the Decathlon House area Attention! All points have been counted, and the final standings will be announced.
  • 17:30u Meals from various food trucks & celebration
  • 21:30u End of the Midyear 2024 The Decathlon Olympics
  • 21:45u Everyone proceeds to the buses at the main parking area of Stroombroek. Departure of the buses.

Welcome to The Decathlon Olympics at Markant Outdoor Center!

34 teams will compete against each other in various games. The theme is the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. The sports day games are team-based activities in which everyone can participate—young or old, athletic or less so. All the games are a playful nod to the real Olympic Games. Because… teamwork is important! On this page, you will find all the information about this day and a brief description of the games. We wish everyone lots of success and fun, and we hope for a competitive competition! Because… Participation is more important than winning.

Pierre de Coubertin said: “The important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle, the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”

The Decathlon Team and Markant Outdoor Center wish all participants a lot of fun!

More information

In the competition schedule you’ll see exactly which teams compete against each other in each round and at which game. The schedule consists of 10 rounds, with each round lasting 20 minutes. Make sure you arrive on time for the next game! The game leaders will decide when the game can begin.

The goal of your team is, of course, to score as many points as possible in each game during the sports day and to win the event! The winner of each game receives 34 points (equal to the number of teams). Each subsequent team receives one point less. Therefore, the team that finishes last in a game receives only 1 point. After 10 games the team with the most points wins the sports day. Points are awarded based on performance in each game, often measured in seconds. The team with the best performance earns the most points.

Each team can use a joker for one of the games. Upon team registration, the captain must inform the competition (administration) table which game the joker will be used for. The joker is thus set in advance of the sports day. When the joker is used, the points scored in that game are doubled.

At the start of the Olympic Games, we will create a WhatsApp group with one phone number from each team. Through this group, you will receive important updates and information about the points your team earns during the Olympic Games.

On the activity field, there is a central competition table where you can find the main organizers and the scoreboard. For any issues related to the sports day and for first aid, you can come here.

All games on sports day are supervised by instructors from Markant Outdoor Center. You can recognize them by their blue shirts with a yellow logo. Before the start of each game, they will provide a brief explanation of the game and its main rules. Each team must always follow the instructions given by the game instructors.

We all want the games to be conducted safely. Therefore, as a team, please adhere to the safety instructions for each game. If a participant does not want to take part in a game or feels uncertain, it is advised not to participate. Prevent injuries to yourself or others!

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Explanation of the Games

Below is an explanation of the different games. You can find where the games are located on the grounds in the images above.

1. Olympic fire

The Olympic Flame is the fire that is lit during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

The flame of the Olympic Games originates from Olympia, the site of the ancient Olympic Games in Greece. It is ignited during a ceremony by concentrating sunlight on the torch using mirrors

Game Explanation

During this game, the fire in the fire bowl is ignited and transported using a torch.

The fire is started with fire steel and kindling (small and dry wood). Once the fire is burning, the torch is lit and passed to someone sitting on the pole. Above them hangs a string, and when the string is burned through by the torch, the timer stops..


  • Stay in your designated lane.
  • The person on the pole can be kept balanced by other team members.
  • The torch should be handed over to the next person in the chain of the game.
  • The timer stops when the string is burned through by the torch.
  • We prioritize safety over speed! Be mindful of each other.
  • Once the string is burned through, the person holding the burning torch can come down calmly.
  • Disclaimer: If there is a red alert due to drought and heat, Markant will devise an alternative game similar to this one.


  • The team with the fastest time earns the most points!

2. On high Stilts

Balancing, rotating, and strength are the key skills in gymnastics. In this challenge, at least one team member will become the true gymnast.

Artistic gymnastics is commonly referred to as “Turnen,” (in Dutch) and rhythmic gymnastics is performed exclusively by women. But which gymnastics discipline has been added in recent times?

Game Explanation
In this game, we focus on Balancing! Each team must have one person walk across three high poles that are moved by their teammates. The participant balances on the poles until they reach the bell. The time stops when the bell is rung! The participant on top of the poles is secured with a safety harness and cannot fall.


  • The participant walking on the poles is secured by the instructor with a safety harness.
  • The entire team must wear helmets.
  • Gloves should be used to move the poles to prevent splinters and blisters.

The goal is to reach the bell as quickly as possible. The team with the fastest time earns the most points!

3. Archery

Archery is a sport that requires precision, concentration, and mental strength.
What competencies does your team have?

Game Explanation

Two team members shoot arrows into the playing field using a bow. The arrows are LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) arrows with a soft rubber tip (“point”). The arrows are caught by teammates standing in the field with a barrel open at the top.

Teammates catch the arrows in the barrel. The zone where the catchers stand determines the number of points scored. Each team has 2 bows and several arrows available. Between shots, one team member retrieves the arrows from the field.


  • The archers must stay behind the shooting line.
  • Participants in the field must wear a mask to protect their eyes.
  • Only one team member is allowed in the playing field at a time to retrieve arrows for the next archer.


  • Each zone represents a specific number of points: 2, 4, or 6 points.
  • If you score from all zones, you accumulate 12 points. This is tracked with number boards at the archer’s position.
  • The timer stops when a team has scored at least 36 points.

4. Canoe Relay

Canoeing is one of the oldest sports practiced in the Summer Olympic Games. It was first included in the Olympic program in 1936. Does your team have the necessary steering skills to master this canoe course?

Game Explanation
It’s a real canoe race! Who can paddle the fastest to the basket and score? After scoring, you paddle back to let the next group of 4 team members have their turn.

Each team must complete the course in turns, with 3 groups of 4 people from each team taking part.    


  • We varen in “Catamaran-kano’s” daarin kun je met 4 personen varen.
  • We will paddle in “Catamaran Canoes,” which can accommodate 4 people.
  • Participants must wear a life jacket.
  • The next group of 4 takes over the boats from their teammates.
  • The ball is carried in the boat and passed to the next team group.
  • The ball must go through the basket before you can paddle back.


  • The time it takes for the team to complete the course 3 times is recorded.


5. Sandbags in balance

Weightlifting was very likely practiced by the Egyptians many thousands of years ago. In Greece, both weightlifting and stone throwing were popular sports. They were probably part of the ancient Greek Olympic Games.

 In modern Olympic history, the Greek Pyrros Dimas is also the most successful medalist.

Game Explanation
Weightlifting with sandbags—could this be the introduction of a new Olympic discipline? In this game, you carry the sandbags one by one to the balance plate. The plates are placed on the pallet until the plate is balanced for at least a minimum duration. During the game, one team member must stand on the concrete counterweight.


  • Be careful not to overexert yourself and only lift if you are able to.
  • Each team member walks to the balance plate one after the other.
  • One person per sandbag.
  • You may only go when the previous person has crossed the line (relay style).
  • You can place the sandbags on the balance plate strategically.


  • The time is recorded when the plate is balanced for 30 seconds. The person on the concrete counterweight counts down loudly and clearly from 21 to 50. At 50, they lift the barbell weight above their head.

6. Climbing

The development of sport climbing has progressed rapidly, making it one of the more popular sports worldwide today. The sport gained momentum in 1985 when competitions began to be held on the first climbing walls. In 2014, the first Olympic Youth Games featuring climbing were organized. It became a huge success! Since the Tokyo Olympics, sport climbing has been officially included in the Olympic program.

Do you know the difference between Lead, Speed, and Bouldering? In lead climbing, the focus is on height. In speed climbing, the challenge is speed. In bouldering, it’s all about strength.

Game Explanation

In this climbing challenge, height, speed, and strength come together.

One team member climbs up the speleo-ladder and rings the bell at the top. From that height, they throw an object (a small ball) into a catching net held by two other team members. The team members catch the object and pass it on to the next person. This continues until the object is placed into the designated container.

Meanwhile, the next team member starts climbing for the next ball.


  • Two climbers per team must wear a harness.
  • The catchers must stay within a designated area.
  • One person per team is allowed to retrieve and return the balls.
  • The person climbing must wear a climbing harness, and the instructor will secure them.
  • Participants in and around the climbing area must wear a helmet.
  • The climbers are secured by ropes. Do not obstruct the instructor and follow their instructions.


  • The time is recorded once 5 balls (or the number specified by the instructors) are placed into the container.

7. Breakdance

Breaking News!

Breakdance is a new Olympic sport debuting in Paris. Also known as breaking, b-girling/b-boying, and breaking, breakdancing is a dance style that is part of hip-hop culture. This development modernizes the Olympic Games and makes them accessible to everyone.

 Did you know? BMX freestyle, 3×3 basketball, and skateboarding are also new additions to the 2024 Olympic Games!

 Game Explanation

Dancing is a beautiful way to express yourself. True breakdancing may not be for everyone, but you probably know some songs that fit this dance style! Half of the team wears silent disco headphones and stands in a designated area within an enclosed space. The other half of the team stands outside the designated area, at a distance, with a walkie-talkie. The team members with the silent disco headphones must dance to the playlist without making any noise or singing along. The team members outside must guess the songs being played. Once a song is guessed, they communicate it to another team member standing behind the dancing group via the walkie-talkie.

The timer stops when 10 songs from the playlist have been correctly identified.


  • The dancing participants are not allowed to talk, sing along, or hum. If they do, 30 seconds will be deducted from the team’s time as a penalty.
  • Communicate quietly via the walkie-talkie to prevent other teams from overhearing.
  • Once the “walkie-talkie group” believes they have correctly identified 10 songs, they should submit their answers to the game leader to stop the timer.
  • For each incorrect answer, a 30-second penalty will be added to the team’s time.


  • The team that finishes with the fastest time, after any penalties, earns the most points in the ranking


Athletics is often referred to as the mother of all sports. This is because many of the fundamental motor skills used in various athletics events are also essential in many other sports. Additionally, it is one of the oldest sports. There are twelve athletics events that are on the program for both men and women:

These are the 100 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters, 110 meters hurdles, triple jump, high jump, pole vault, long jump, discus throw, shot put, and the marathon. But what is the difference between men and women in the decathlon?

Game Explanation

In the Steeplechase, you only get wet; in the Dirt King, you get wet and dirty!

This short obstacle course must be completed by the entire team as quickly as possible. You’ll crawl under bars, wade through mud, climb over walls, and tackle the survival obstacles. To maintain focus, each team must carry one egg throughout the course, and it must remain intact.


  • Be cautious to avoid injuries; climb and crawl safely, and help each other.
  • The entire team, consisting of at least 10 people, must complete the obstacle course.
  • Teams start one after the other to ensure they do not interfere with each other.
  • A broken egg incurs a 30-second penalty.


  • The team with the fastest time is the winner.
  • The time is recorded when the last team member crosses the finish

9. The Paralympic Games

The Paralympic Games are the Olympic Games for people with physical disabilities, visual impairments, and/or cerebral palsy.

In 1948, a sports competition was organized in England for war veterans with spinal injuries. Over time, more athletes joined, and in 1960, the first official Paralympic Games were held, initially featuring only participants in wheelchairs.

Game Explanation

In this game, we simulate a significant visual impairment. Teams will use a tandem bicycle where the second rider is blindfolded. The entire team must navigate through a set course as quickly as possible, with the goal of crossing to the other side by cycling back and forth. The game concludes when all team members have successfully reached the other side.


  • The rear cyclist wears a blindfold, simulating a visual impairment.
  • The front cyclist steers and ensures the safe passage of the paralympic participant.
  • All 8 blindfolded team members must cross the finish line.
  • You may NOT dismount the bicycle. Touching the ground incurs a 30-second penalty!
  • Helmets must be worn during the race.


  • The objective is to achieve the fastest time.

10. Creative Assignment

At the Olympic Games, the focus is on the athletes’ performances. However, the host countries are also keen to excel with spectacular and creative opening and closing ceremonies.

In 1988, Cirque du Soleil delivered one of the most stunning opening acts to date at the Calgary Olympic Games in Canada. This show was titled “We Reinvent the Circus.”

The Assignment
Work together with your team to create the best and most creative photo with the theme of the Olympic Games.

Send this photo to the Decathlon Olympic Games WhatsApp group with the title of your creation and the country your team represents.

The organization will print out the photos, and the jury will evaluate which teams qualify for the title of the most creative team.